"The class provided an overview of Reiki and the instructor's enthusiam made me want to study more on my own. - Reiki Level I, Emily

"SO worth it. Enlightening" - Reiki Level II, Veronica M.

"I thank God every day for bringing Sue and Reiki into my life.

From a few sessions I have totally turned my thought process from these huge problems and roadblocks into just quietly turning them over in my mind to a higher power to help me get thru the day, and it works so well. I now meditate daily and say affirmations. It is unbelievable how some of these simple exercises can change one's life. 

Thank you, Sue, Reiki, and God for coming into my life at this time!" - Elaine H.

"Absolutely uplifting and highly recommended "- Reiki Level I, Veronica M.

"Mind and Spirit expanding - a great way to add to your nursing practice" - Reiki Level I, Cynthia N.

"Inspiring, informative, interactive and exciting" - Reiki Level I, Peggy B.

Sue is a skilled practitioner with a true devotion to her practice. I experience full relaxation with her Reiki treatment and leave the session refreshed and energized. Reiki decreases my stress, which helps reduce migraines and loosen up some very tight muscles. I’m so happy to have found this therapy offered by such a talented professional. –Becky W.

"I felt so energized and happy after my session" - Reiki Level I, Christine R.

"Fun, informative, friendly" - Reiki Level II, Peggy B.

"Wonderful! Informative and energizing" - Reiki Level I

West Bend, Wisconsin

Tel: 262-808-8011

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