Does Santa practice Reiki?

December 24, 2019

Santa has the task of delivering gifts to every household in the world, on one special day. I thought of the pressure and stress this man must be feeling all year, as he gathers top-secret information on people and then finds the perfect gift to leave for them. So of course, I began to wonder… does Santa practice Reiki? He must use some form of stress relief, right?


I decided to go straight to the source to find the answer. Unfortunately, although a pretty nice guy, Santa was too busy to comment. This meant I was left to my own means to find the answer.


The precepts are the foundation of Reiki; so, if Santa practices Reiki, he probably has taken time to meditate on the precepts and apply them to his daily life.


The Reiki Precepts are:


For today only

Do not anger

Do not worry

Be humble

Be honest in your work

Be compassionate to yourself and others


After reading the precepts, you might naturally assume that Santa practices Reiki. Assumptions are not good enough for me, so I dug deeper and found what I was looking for in the classic song, Santa Claus is Coming to Town. It’s a catchy tune sung by many this time of year; yet, the lyrics reveal much about Mr. Claus.


For today only - is a call for us to live in the present moment.

Santa is known for making a list and checking it twice, so he might be living in the past and thinking about the future, without experiencing the present moment.


Do not anger - reminds us that anger is a reaction, an emotion that is out of control.

In the song, and learned at an early age, we are warned to “watch out” for Santa because he doesn’t like crying, pouting, or bad behavior. I, personally, would not cross someone with this temperament.


Do not worry - reminds us that worry is useless and wastes our precious energy.

Again, Santa is always checking his list repeatedly, he seems to worry a tad bit.


Be humble - reminds us to have patience and tolerance with ourselves and others. We are all here to learn and the lesson is neither good or bad – it is a lesson.

The list thing again … and he’s always watching, even when we're sleeping!


Be honest in your work - reminds us to be honest to ourselves and commit to our practice and daily work.

I’d say Santa excels at this precept. It’s obvious he loves the work he does, and he has dedicated his life to bringing joy to others. Also, the song was written in 1934 maybe Santa has had inner growth since then.


Be compassionate to yourself and others - reminds us that we are all ONE and what you do to another you do to yourself.

One of my spiritual teachers said, “kindness to all, no picking and choosing”. Santa didn’t score well on this one.


Conclusion – Santa, although a decent guy, probably doesn’t practice Reiki; but I would love to offer him a complimentary session for the fine work he does every year.



May Reiki and the Moon guide you wherever you are on your journey.




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