Reiki Your Personal Search Engine or Paint Brush

June 15, 2019

Prepping for my upcoming Reiki I class, I wanted to share with the students a better way to explain Reiki; especially to people wary of energy work. Inspired by two quotes, I found the answer. As I read the line from Art & Soul Reloaded, by Pam Grout, I imagined Reiki as talent, available to everyone and something you tap into.


“Talent is like an underwater stream — equally available to everyone.

You tap it into it with your effort, and it flows through you.”…

“The important point is you are tapping into something else.

You are being a channel.”


I also wanted to share with my students the importance of unstanding the source of Reiki. I’ve had some clients confuse me, the Reiki practitioner, as being the source of the energy and providing the energy. Natalie Goldberg states the same concern with poetry, in her book, Writing Down the Bone.


“Sometimes when I read poems at a reading to strangers, I realize they

think those poems are me.” 


I am the channel for Reiki to flow. I acknowledge its existence and tap into the Universal Energy that is in everything and is ever present. That is what a Reiki practitioner does. 


Poems, songs, art, energy work, all are part of our connection to something bigger than we can imagine; yet, something we can all tap into.  We use the paintbrush, the pen, Reiki, as a means for the energy to take shape and form. If you prefer, imagine Reiki as the information you and your body are seeking. Now picture the Reiki practitioner, or yourself if you have learned Reiki, as your personal search engine. Before the Reiki session begins, you have an idea what you want to achieve. What to type in the search bar. Like any good search engine or Reiki session you will get several results, some you didn’t even expect. Reiki knows where the energy needs to go but it also works behind the scene clearing old energy that no longer serves your purpose. Reiki delivers what is best for you and for your optimal performance. 



You can look at Reiki as an art form, or view it as the energy and information that supports a search engine. It is always acting for your highest good. Either way, Reiki is a natural way to tap into the vast swirling energy that can create and heal.


May Reiki and the Moon guide you wherever you are on your journey.




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