Take Control of Your Life Challenge

January 2, 2019


Recently I embarked on a 21-day challenge. I created the Take Control of Your Life Challenge to bring awareness to the power of Reiki and meditation.


My personal challenge was a detox from coffee, refined sugar, flour, and packaged salty snacks and I also started a 21-day Reiki program to enhance my daily Reiki routine. Did I succeed? I guess it depends on what you call success.


I eliminated the toxins from my diet while increasing fruits, veggies, and anti-inflammatory spices such as ginger, cinnamon, and cardamom. I also eliminated tofu, tempeh, and hot and spicy foods that the program claimed could cause inflammation. By Day 15 I had developed a rash on my face and I felt “off“. What began as a program to clear my body and mind, had turned into a battle of willpower versus habits. To sort through my feelings, I went for a long walk. During the time outside, I realized that the detox program I picked wasn’t working. My body rejected the overload of ginger and cinnamon and my mind didn’t like the tough-it-out emotional tone of the program. The detox felt forced like deprivation while my meditation/Reiki program seemed like a mini-vacation.


On Day 16 of 21, Christmas Day, I made the choice to enjoy a cup of dark roast coffee and it was wonderful. Taking Control of Your Life is just that, it’s making decisions that suit you and your lifestyle. During the food detox, I felt I was trading one food excess for another. Yet, my enhanced daily self-Reiki/meditation program produced wonderful results and insights.


I’ve learned that brute-force to change a habit does not produce lasting results. I‘ve also discovered that research and experts can tell you what is bad or unhealthy, but unless you believe this information or know this to be true to your core, you won‘t change.


In the past, I’ve walked away from harmful and destructive habits, but only after I replaced the habits with something that I wanted more. The inner-peace that Reiki brings into my life, is that something more. Reiki has allowed me to eliminate alcohol from my life and animal products from my diet. These are choices I am happy with and I don‘t feel as though I’m missing out on anything. The trick is to explore healthy, productive, and beneficial replacements, but also to discover what is true for you. Reiki and meditation are great tools to uncover your truth.


The Take Control of Your Life Challenge has taught me that change is good but we should understand why and for whom we are making the changes. Mediation and Reiki brought to the surface the answers to these questions and other issues I have been avoiding.


So, did I succeed on my 21-Day challenge? In my eyes, yes. I had thought the detox would end differently, but it didn't, so I will make adjustments that work for me and I will try it again. The key to anything is to keep trying and continue learning and most important discover what is true for you. That is how you Take Control of Your Life.






May Reiki and the Moon guide you wherever you are on your journey.






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