March 12, 2018

“Wisdom is avoiding all thoughts that weaken you.” - Wayne Dyer


Last month, The Universe gently tapped me on the shoulder by presenting me with a flat tire. I say gently because the car was in the garage when I noticed that the tire had gone flat and I didn’t have to be anywhere at a specific time. Changing a tire is no big deal to many, but for me, it was something that I had never done. Because of that, I had always carried the “what if” fear. 


I went over my options; finally, I decided to learn how to change a tire. I found the manual for the car which helped me find the spare tire tucked away in the car's underbody. That, in itself, amazed me. Then I turned to YouTube for help and began. It became a process of where does that go and how does it work? I was feeling pretty confident until the flat tire refused to come off the car. Thank goodness for kids. I called my younger son, and he helped me pull the tire off and showed me a neat trick with a hammer for future tire removal.


How does Reiki relate to this story? At some point in my life, I accepted the belief that changing a flat tire was difficult and I needed to have someone else complete the task. Until recently, I never questioned that thought. Reiki is often viewed as a soft, calming, gentle, energy and it is; but it can also awaken other energies that at some point we determined weren’t acceptable or safe to display, specifically - personal power. 


I have heard and read countless stories of how Reiki has changed lives. I wonder did it change the life or restore the essence of the life? As we mature and take on more responsibility, filling every moment of the day with activities, or social media, do we make decisions based on outdated beliefs? Are we sleepwalking through life? 


Reiki goes where it needs to go and heals what it needs to heal. It’s scary when you suddenly awaken to life and realize that there is always a choice. The choice might involve change, and in the process of change, it may bring temporary discomfort, fear, and uncertainty. That’s when you need to ask yourself, “Am I willing to live life or take the easy way out and go back to sleep?”


May Reiki and the Moon guide you wherever you are on your journey.


I offer individual Reiki sessions by appointment and will be offering Reiki I class in April.

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