Ouch! Labels Hurt

March 2, 2017

Starting at a young age, we begin to collect our labels. It happens innocently at first, when loved ones exclaim how cute, smart, perfect, or pretty we are. During our school years, classmates and teachers may casually describe someone as a chatterbox, troublemaker, smart kid, stupid kid, poor kid, rich kid, smelly kid, or teacher’s pet. Again, labels.


As time goes on, more descriptors are applied; some we even apply ourselves. We might overhear someone say, “Wow, he is really fat,” or “She is too skinny.” Sometimes without thinking, we might recite our ailments to others as if they are part of whom we are.


Some labels don’t have much lasting power, and with age they begin to yellow, lose their sticking strength and fall off. But the labels that have been given to us and reinforced repeatedly hold the strength of duct tape.


When I interact with others, I start to ask myself, “Am I labeling this person?”  We are each uniquely different, and I can’t nor should I even attempt to decide if one label is better than another. Therefore, I need to remove all preconceived ideas of the individual I am interacting with. The gift is to see him or her as a product of the Divine Universal Energy.


Is this going to be easy to do? It depends. When it’s the end of the day and I’m tired and in need of some downtime, and someone smacks me with ugly, defiant, energy it may be harder to acknowledge their Divine Energy.



As a Reiki practitioner, I try to learn from the past but not to dwell on it. When I am presented with someone young or old that is desperately seeking relief from the labels that stifle their true inner light, I will try to remember to bring Reiki to myself at the moment. By doing so, I hope to remove the urge to react to the energy that they are emitting, and I might be able to address the issue at hand without reinforcing any labels.


I will also continue working on removing my labels. Some I have already ripped off quickly to avoid the pain. Others have not come off as easily, and I need to remove layers to get to the initial label. I may need to work at it each day until it’s finally gone. I could provide examples, but then I would just be slapping the label right back on, wouldn’t I?


If you would like help removing labels that do not define your Divine Energy, schedule a Reiki session and see what unfolds.


May Reiki and the Moon guide you wherever you are on your journey.




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