Put Your Ego In a Time-Out

January 28, 2017


During my training to achieve Reiki Master Teacher level, I was told, “You do not master Reiki, but Reiki masters you.” For a while, I was unsure of what that meant. It sounded really philosophical, but I didn’t get it. Through the daily practice of Reiki, I have come to believe that it means I need to put my ego aside so I can practice Reiki from a pure state of mind. I need to allow Reiki to guide me instead of the other way around.

A quick search on the internet defines ego as a person's sense of self-esteem or self-importance. This doesn’t sound bad in and of itself, but what if our ego is distorted or out of balance? Then, we are not whom we are really meant to be.


The ego is tricky. You can feel as if you are in a funhouse of mirrors when you try to identify it. You might feel like yourself on the inside; but depending upon which mirror you are standing in front of, outwardly, you do not present yourself that way.


My ego pops up everywhere. For example, I am also attempting to learn open style martial arts. This has definitely humbled and mastered me. My perfectionism, need to control, and my need to prove myself, is brought to my attention often as I practice a routine or a kick. When I stumble and struggle with a simple move or when I throw a good punch, my ego becomes distorted. It can range from anger to wow, I look cool doing this, or why bother, I’ll never be able to do that move. This is when I need to lovingly put my ego in a time-out with a reminder to behave and calm down before it returns.


I love practicing Reiki and open style martial arts and will continue my study of them; but, I will also use these arts as a mirror to discover what part of my Self is real and what part of my Self is distorted.


As I observe my distorted ego, I will also try to remember that others too are struggling with this. When someone irritates me, I will try to wait before I react with the hope that I might catch a glimpse of their true Self. Be kind to yourself and others, and when needed, put your ego in a time-out.


May Reiki and the Moon guide you wherever you are on your journey.


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