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Why Learn Reiki?

Many of us can choose what we eat, what we think, and how we spend our time; yet, we do not believe in our power. We use the word can’t when we mean don‘t want to. We focus on our lack instead of our abundance and we highlight our weaknesses instead of our strengths. There are countless reasons to learn Reiki. One reason is that we should want to play a part in our emotional and physical healing. Notice I used the words play a part. Reiki doesn‘t replace necessary medical care by a physician; nor, does it continually heal a body fueled by unhealthy foods and thoughts. Reiki is a practice to bring us closer to our Inner-Self and allows us to acknowledge and release emotional triggers and beliefs that may cause us to stay stuck in our physical and mental pain. When you begin the journey of self awareness and healing, there are many ways to arrive at the same destination and Reiki is a good starting point.

West Bend, Wisconsin

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