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"An external teacher is there to help you to find your internal teacher."
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What To Expect During a Reiki Session

  • A typical Reiki session is approximately 1-hour and includes time to discuss the focus of the Reiki session.

  • Arrive in comfortable, loose clothing - this experience is all about relaxation!

  • Everyone remains fully clothed, even the practitioner (yes I've been asked that question). 

  • Although I use a massage table, no massage or tissue manipulation is performed. However, I do use light touch on or above the body.

  • I am the instrument and guide for Reiki but you are the healer. It is often said Reiki goes where it needs to go and heals what it needs to heal. Our bodies know how to heal if we allow the space and the energy for it to happen.

  • You may experience heat that my hands radiate during a session while I place them on or above an area treated. The warmth is natural. You may also feel the sensation and movement of energy.

  • After the Reiki portion of your session, I allow time to discuss your experience and answer questions you may have.

  • Overall, a Reiki session is a time for you to relax, be in the present moment, and explore the meaning of the True Self. 

West Bend, Wisconsin

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