"My friend Peggy thought I needed to relax so we did something she called Reiki. It was nice to have all the humans on the floor at my level. We sat, listened to music, and did nothing. I fell asleep and was so comfy the rest of the day. "- Dexter

Reiki can benefit animals. Although approached differently it is a safe, powerful, and effective method to calm and relax your pet friends.

Completing the Animal Reiki Workshop offered by Kathleen Prasad offered me the knowledge and awareness that animals experience Reiki differently. With this specialized training, I learned how to provide a Reiki treatment that animals embrace.

If you are interested in a Reiki session for/with your pet friend, contact me and I will be happy to give you more information and answer questions you may have.

I deal specifically with cats and dogs. If you'd like information regarding other Animal Reiki practitioners, check out the link below:


"I live in the moment, so I don't understand the issue. What they call Reiki I do every day, all the time. I like to humor my human, so I often sneak in when they are doing Reiki and sleep next to them. They think I am seeking Reiki, but I merely want a warm place to sleep. As for my feline roommate - she needs Reiki." - Lincoln

"I've got so much energy; I just can't sit still. I also don't feel good sometimes. My human friend takes good care of me. One time when I didn't feel so well, she said I would get a Distance Reiki Session. It was strange, no one came over it was just my human friend and me, but I sure felt better." -Trevor

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