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Reiki is a Japanese energy-based practice that puts us in control of our own Inner well-being. Reiki promotes healing through stress reduction and relaxation. This healing state releases emotions such as continuous fear and constant worry and strengthens emotions such as confidence and self-worth. 
I have witnessed the benefits of Reiki. Your gender, age, beliefs, physical ailments, are inconsequential with Reiki. Reiki is energy and energy is not biased.  When I begin a Reiki session, I have one goal in mind, to help you find answers you seek, the guidance you crave, and the healing you know is within your reach.
Why did I choose Reiki? I wasn't living an authentic life; I felt it; I knew it, and I had to change. It was time to apply everything I learned from years of metaphysical study, but first I needed Self-Awareness. I had spent so many years trying to please everybody; I didn't have a clue who I was. My personal power emerged as I pursued my interest and curiosity in Energy Work, Astrology, and other beliefs and customs. I followed my instinct and found Reiki. 
When you are ready to enter the realm of all possibilities; or, if your instincts led you to Reiki, I would love to be your guide, as you reclaim your True Self and begin the healing journey of your mind, body, and spirit.      
Sue Chapman
Reiki Master Practitioner

I am a Reiki Master Practitioner, and I hold the belief that we are our own best healers.

I encourage the cultivation of inner strength and stress the importance of acknowledging and affirming our personal greatness. 

Sue is a skilled practitioner with a true devotion to her practice. I experience full relaxation with her Reiki treatment and leave the session refreshed and energized. Reiki decreases my stress, which helps reduce migraines and loosen up some very tight muscles. I’m so happy to have found this therapy offered by such a talented professional. –Becky W.

West Bend, Wisconsin

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